Gluten-Free Lemon Pineapple Cloud Cake

Light, crisp, and fruity, this Lemon Pineapple Cloud Cake will be a perfect addition to your gluten-free Easter dinner.


20 ounces crushed pineapple

6 ounces lemon gelatin

3 cups boiling water

8 ounces cream cheese (softened)

16 ounces whipped topping

3/4 cup white sugar

3 Tablespoons lemon juice

3 Tablespoons water

2 Tablespoons gluten free flour

2 egg yolks


Drain crushed pineapple, reserving juice.

Dissolve gelatin in 3 cups of boiling water.

Add drained pineapple to gelatin and water mixture.

Pour into a 13ā€ x 9ā€ x 2ā€ dish and chill until set, about 1 hour.

When gelatin and pineapple mix is set, proceed to the next steps.

In a heavy-duty mixing bowl, beat cream cheese and whipped topping until smooth.

Carefully spread cream cheese and whipped topping mixture over gelatin mixture and chill for 30 minutes.

While cream cheese mixture is chilling, combine white sugar, lemon juice, 3 Tablespoons of water, reserved pineapple juice, gluten-free flour mix and lightly beaten egg yolks in a small saucepan.

Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.

Boil one minute, or until thickened.

Cool completely in pan.

Carefully spread over cream cheese layer and chill for at least 1 hour.

Makes 12-16 servings.

Welcome to The Gluten Freestyle. My name is Kim Rozsa. I began baking gluten free more than 20 years ago, when my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. In 1997, gluten free was nearly unheard of, and as you can imagine, gluten free foods were not readily available at your local grocery store. Telling my two-year-old that she could no longer have bread, crackers, pasta or cookies was heartbreaking. I knew that something had to be done, so my adventures in gluten free baking began! Now, with more than 20 years of gluten free baking and experimenting with recipes under my belt, I am always excited to share my delicious recipes with others. It is not at all uncommon for someone to eat one of my baked goods and ask me, with a surprised look on their face, if Iā€™m sure what they are eating is gluten free. Everyone deserves to eat delicious foods and I am thrilled to be able to help you do just that!


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